A Digital Learning Initiative of 

What is

HCP Forum?

HCP Forum is A digital learning platform of SATS Academy Pvt. Ltd., a one-stop education solution provider.

Spreading medical education, empowering medical professionals worldwide.

A unified platform for Healthcare Professionals

To share their ideas along with innovation in their very own field along with other specialties

Creating a well-coordinated network globally

Closed Platform

  • Exclusively for the healthcare fraternity
  • Specific access with maintenance of confidentiality

Social web-based app

  • No physical software to download
  • Nothing to install, update or manage, hence, is always up to date

Multi device responsive

  • It can be accessed from any device, just through mere internet
  • Productivity remains high as employees can get the work done in real time.




Option to educate by introducing short courses, contained documents, Audio Visual aids & certification upon successful course completion


Poll & Survey

Mock Exam

Series of the interactive quiz, Polls Survey & Exam Preparatory Courses For more engagement interactive games will be introduced in future

Online Meeting

Recorded Session

Module Creation

  • Advisory Board and interactive session
  • Faculty Management across Specialities from both domestic and international presence
  • Create Customised Modules & Programs
  • Connect with eminent KOLs through engagement program to keep abreast of the latest information of knowledge and drug portfolio.
  • Webinars and online meetings for targeted audience
  • Webinars/meetings/case presentation could be conducted across specialties by experts.




Broader way to engage audience through live promotion: streaming & Archiving of the content for future engagement with HCP

Online CME

Certification Program

Archives & Campaigns

  • Continued Medical Education-CME Strategy
  • Conducting online courses through video conferences.
  • Creating & publishing videos or course material for further learning.
  • Join specific webinars being conducted.
  • Online CME credit points can be applied for.


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